Our final day

Spirits were a little low on the morning of our final day here in Nicaragua. As we departed for our rural health clinic in La Ceiba (about 30 minutes outside of Estelí), it seemed to have sunk in for many of us that this amazing experience would come to an end in only a few … More Our final day

Hasta Mañana

Today marks our last ful day of service and tomorrow marks our last full day in Nicaragua. One of our students (a graduate student focusing on medical anthropology) shares her thoughts below.  Today we heard from one of the oldest members of the community, 72 year old Irma. Some of the most impactful topics she … More Hasta Mañana


As day 3 of our service mission to Nicaragua ends, I continue to learn so much from the children and the community of Monte Tabor. Their constant joy and energy inspires me to help them in every way possible, every single day. The construction of the outside structure in “El Instituto” is coming along nicely, … More #DiaTres

Georgia On My Mind

Today we had the extraordinary opportunity to observe and work in the local hospital San Juan de Dios. Upon arriving we, and the Florida International students with us, split ourselves into two groups. One party went to surgery to observe a variety of operations, while the group I was a part of ventured to various … More Georgia On My Mind


Sorry for the long silence! We are all alive and well, but the Wifi apparently wasn’t.  Our teams in Monte Tabor and Santa Julia have been engaging way beyond our expectations, and we are so excited. The coffee fields have been physically exhausting, and the school children are mentally exhausting, but everybody returns to the … More ¡Hola!

Pure Bliss

I woke up so excited to finally get to spend a whole day with the children. We arrived and only two boys were already waiting for us. I watched as the two young boys played soccer with the older boy occasionally kicking the ball my way. Shortly after a slightly older boy came and joined … More Pure Bliss

Manos a la obra

Yesterday morning consisted mainly of traveling through the country side to the rural mountainous communities in northern Nicaragua until we finally arrived in Esteli 4 hours later. In the afternoon we toured a “semi” private medical school in the outskirts of Esteli that aims to be affordable to Nicaraguans that otherwise would not be able … More Manos a la obra